Applicant eligibility

GSF is open to all MIT faculty members and research staff with principal investigator privileges (principal research scientists and senior research scientists). If you have questions about your PI status, please consult your department. Proposals must be submitted jointly with a foreign colleague working in a university or research institute. Participants working in companies are not eligible to apply.

Grantees are required to complete a final report at the end of the grant period. At the completion of the grant cycle, all unused funds will be returned to MISTI Global Seed Funds.

Selection Criteria

GSF team at Machu Pichu

For all funds, priority will be given to projects that:

  • are likely to make an important contribution to the field
  • are new or are entering a new phase
  • include a balanced exchange between participating teams
  • demonstrate complementarity between participating teams
  • involve undergraduate and/or graduate students in a meaningful way
  • are likely to be sustainable beyond the grant period

Getting Students Involved

MIT faculty are encouraged to include MIT undergraduate and graduate students in their Global Seed Funds projects as participating members of the collaborating team. MISTI can help you send a student you're already working with, or we can match you with one of our 1,000+ internship candidates

MIT students and postdocs are encouraged to participate in projects but may not apply directly for funding. MIT students participating in projects will be expected to attend country-specific training through MISTI. Stays abroad through MISTI GSF grants are typically short-term (less than one month). MIT undergraduate and graduate students interested in long-term stays (more than two months) or wishing to intern or conduct research abroad are encouraged to apply to the MISTI internship program.

Please note that graduating students must be accepted into a MISTI program prior to graduation and must depart for their trip within 90 days of commencement.